Hay War Memorial High School

For so much, what shall we repay?

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About our school

Hay War Memorial High School was established in 1923 as a co-educational comprehensive high school and has a particularly strong tradition befitting a war memorial linked to the ANZAC tradition. Hay War Memorial High School is in every sense a community school. The school has a unique background, close community ties and an ability to provide a personal educational experience for a diverse student group. The school provides broad-ranging outcomes to meet student needs and the school has developed a distinctive blend of traditional values and innovative educational practices that ensure a well rounded education.

School Song

Words written by Alex C. Welsh (Ex Staff Member)

Sung to the tune of Welsh National Anthem

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau or Land Of Our Fathers

Composed by James James in 1856


They went forth to battle with bright dauntless eyes,

They left home and school and fair Riverine skies,

Though they fall in the race, every man ere he dies,

Has flung us his torch here at Hay

Hay! Hay! off like the wind with it, Hay!

Strain muscle and thew,

That torch must win through!

"For so much what shall we repay?"


The wounds of a friend and the blows that hit true,

The men that built better for us than we knew,

The foes that we fought, till they dear to us grew

We'll remember the fellows at Hay!

Hay! Hay! Oh! The joys and the buffets at Hay!

As the years onward glide,

Whatever betide,

We'll treasure the memories of Hay!

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