Hay War Memorial High School

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School Notes

Lunch Pass

Does the school provide a lunch pass for students? Yes, but only for exceptional circumstances and only in accordance with current COVID restrictions. 

Does the school provide a recess pass for students? No.

Does my child need a lunch pass? No. The P&C provides a canteen with a variety of healthy foods. There is no requirement for your child to leave at lunch. The school prefers your child to stay at school for lunch and it’s safer. 

Any student who has a lunch pass and is leaving the school for lunch he/she must sign their name in the "Lunch Pass Book" at the front office. The child is then under the responsibility of their parent/carer.

When a student returns from lunch he/she must re-sign their name in the "Lunch Pass Book" which tells the school the student has returned to the school.

If a student does not follow the system of signing in and out this may be a reason for the school to remove the lunch pass from the student.

Would all parents/carers who have signed their child’s lunch pass note, please remind your child about the school procedure. By working together we ensure the safety and wellbeing of children.

Lunch Pass permission notes are available from the front office upon request.